About me

I am a frenchman, 36 years old. I live in Turkey since mid 2008. Previously, my wife and I lived in Goteborg, Sweden for 3,5 years. I really like living in different countries, meeting people with other cultures and being lost in translation.
Sweden was a wonderful country for photo shooting, long summer days with nice light and long dark winter nights to explore studio techniques.

Turkey looks also very promising for photo shooting. Crowded markets are nice places for candid shots and some country sceneries are really nice.
I will add as much as possible comments about location of every pics and some words about the process details.
Please feel free to leave your comments, ideas and other words if any.

Enjoy !!

About my photo gears

I read many times that a good photo comes 80% from a good photographer and only 20% from the camera.
So I am working out to improve my ability to take good pictures (and it is still a long way..) but here are words about the 20% of the magic.
I use a canon 30D and 5D cameras. And some lenses of course : Sigma 17-70, Canon 50mm 1.4 , a canon 10-22mm, and a 70-200 f4.
I have some flashs as well : a Sigma 500, and some old canon 430EZ, 540EZ and 20 years + Sunpak from my dad.
My processing is done with Lightroom , Photoshop CS3 and Photomatix.

About this photoblog

I started a first photoblog on a blog platform with pictures from my old Fuji S9500.

After a year or so, I started this new photoblog with its dedicated domain name. The web hosting is Kindly done by a friend who runs its internet company. The script is from pixelpost.

The installation of pixelpost was surprisingly easy (I am not an IT guru and therefore I was a bit worried). The most time consuming is to go through this CSS stuffs to edit the template for the site.

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