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Closer to space
Exifs : Canon EOS 30D; Speed:1/1000 sec; Aperture:f 7.1; Flash: Not Fired; Focal:10 mm; ISO:125
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Aug 05
Early morning above Sweden in a small CRJ200 aircraft heading to Germany. The sun is rising from the east and I am ideally seated looking toward West. Half awake, half sleepy, I feel close to the stars dreaming of a flight in the space shuttle.
But, huh.. stewardess I will have a full cup of black and strong coffee.
Aaaah, I feel much better now. I took this shot right above Malmö, One can see the Oresund Bridge, the tiny path on the left and right in the center is the city of Copenhaguen below the clouds.

I sued my Ultra wide Angle lens 10-22 at maximum wide 10mm. A bit too wide, though, to not have the side of the window in the frame. The window was not very clean especially the inner side but thanks to the focal it does not appear on the shot. a bit of post process in Lightroom and PS3.

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  • This is a neat photo that does look to be much higher up than you actually are. (It's pretty neat that you can see the bridge as well...)
    Jim @ Aug

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