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Jul 29
I was in France some weeks ago and I purchased a second hand canon 5D camera from one of my colleague. I wondered for some days if it was a good move .. An old camera released in 2005,..
But after a few shots, for sure, this camera delivers some awesome pics quality, big time compared to the 30D, believe me.
I know that a replacer of the 5D will probably come soon from Canon with improved features. But its price tag will sky high. So yes, it was a good move anyways to go for the 5D.

Then, regarding today's shot, I went to scandinavian-photo a nice photo shop in Göteborg the other day. I was looking for a backpack to hold my (fast growing...) photo equipment. I was talking with our friend Görgen, who is sales admin there, and while talking about photo gears, he put this camera on the table (to tease me a bit I guess) : An Hasselblad H3D 31, the ultimate (studio) camera 31Mpix,...
The price tag of the new canon cam will be sky high, but the price of this Hasselblad is just out of reason.... I will stay with my nice 5D for a while now.

I used the 50mm f1.4 lens on the 5D for this shot. The post process was more difficult to handle. My brave PC is now in a container floating to Turkey (we just send all our furniture there). So I processed the raw file on my old Dell laptop from job. I used Raw Therapee (a good clone of Lightroom I would say) and Photoshop elements 2.0 (a bit limited features compared to CS3...) and here it is

see you ...
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