Turkish coffe
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Turkish coffe
Exifs : Canon EOS 30D; Speed:1/400 sec; Aperture:f 3.2; Flash: Not Fired; Focal:17 mm; ISO:100
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Jul 13
After several years in Sweden we will move to Turkey during the summer. I have been offered a job there and we will live in the city of Bursa. This place is south of Istanbul about 2 hours by ferry and cars.
We have visited the city some weeks ago in order to find a place to live. We found a house and had a tour over the city and its surrounding.
The city center is quite old with some very nice old caravanserais. Nowadays, there is no more caravans and the old buildings are now jewellries or fashion shops.

I took three exposures handheld and I (painfully) merged them in Photoshop. Lens is the Sigma 17-70.

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  • You did an HDR of a scene with people in it handheld? Wow. I am impressed. (And thanks for the comment on my blog. I added a note to today's photo with info on the lighting of the picture of my daughter.)
    Jm - 365,000 words @ Jul

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