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Exifs : Canon EOS 30D; Speed:1/800 sec; Aperture:f 4; Flash: Not Fired; Focal:176 mm; ISO:400
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May 31
I am pretty happy with the results of this picture. OK, it looks pretty simple but have you ever tried to shoot flags ?
All my previous attempts ended up in crap pictures. Sometimes flags are rolled around poles. Sometimes they were waving and showing only half of their size. And so many other failures. Even shooting several pics in burst mode did not improve the results : flags wave so fast !!

So the easy way is just to shoot flags during heavy wind... it took me a while before to get this simple thing.

Until next time...
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  • Yes, flags are pretty impossible to shoot. Great work on those ones!
    Alexandre @ May
  • Great shots!
    Szabó Zsolt-Tibor @ Jun
  • yeah, flags are hard to shoot. especially when there are other subjects included within the shot. i got lucky with one shot where i was taking a pic of 2 people and the row of flags were all waving. it wasn't waving perfectly like these flags though. great shot!
    clarisse @ Jun

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