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Exifs : Canon EOS 30D; Speed:1/400 sec; Aperture:f 4; Flash: Not Fired; Focal:200 mm; ISO:100
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May 05
I really like the 70-200 lens after some days of use. It has an incredible sharpness on details and its autofocus is very fast compared to my other lenses. The weight is Ok (about 1,5kgs wit the 30D body) and it is very easy to carry in small backpack. The only downside that I have found so far is the colour of the lens : a long grey/white tube that makes everyone looking at you. But that's ok I can live with that...

Today's pic was shot by Alexandre the other week end when we were on the sea front. We swapped cameras and he took some very good frames there despite wind and poor light.
I post treated the picture with lightroom.

see you...
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  • Nice to see this shot here!
    I'm eager to see more of your shots with this great lens.
    Alexandre @ May

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