SVT Göteborg
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SVT Göteborg
Exifs : Canon EOS 30D; Speed:1/160 sec; Aperture:f 7.1; Flash: Not Fired; Focal:10 mm; ISO:100
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Apr 15
Here is the building of SVT the swedish TV on the harbour. This building was orignally build some years ago to be the headquarters of an ancient local star company : hasselblad.
Yes you read it right, Hasselblad the maker of the cameras that went on the moon with appolo shuttles in the 1970s. The company unfortunately went bankrupt in the 2000s after missing the digital eras debut. Hasselblad was then purchased by another company and the brand is now revived. The building was then sold and became the local studios of SVT.

I shot the picture with the 10-22mm lens. I then did some postprocessing in photoshop following the processing technique of Diane Varner. There is some good tips there such as "Dodging and burning layers" that I did not use before. I think today's shot still miss some contrast but I will try to get experienced with this technique.

till next time...
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  • Excellent lines and details. Great capture.
    Sean @ Apr
  • Great perspective. The blueish tone gives it a cold impression. Well done.
    Jan @ Jun
  • Very nice. The wide angle really emphasizes the point of the building.
    Jm - 365,000 words @ Jul

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