The wish tree
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The wish tree
Exifs : Canon EOS 30D; Speed:1/250 sec; Aperture:f 6.3; Flash: Not Fired; Focal:36 mm; ISO:100
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Apr 05
And here is a new skin for the photoblog. I get some comments that the previous skin was not so nice and need a new look. So I worked on the template for a while. I kept the green atmosphere of the previous skin but I used a more warmful hue. I also update the page setting and add a bit of "web 2.0 touch". What is that do you think, link Here is where I get some hints. Does it looks web 2.0 now ? leave a message to say it.

About today's pic. I shoot the photo outside the Smithosian Institute on the mall in Washington last August. It was a nice outdoor sculpture exhibition there and in middle of it was this nice tree with hundreds of wishes messages written by visitors from all over the world.

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