Fallen heroes
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Fallen heroes
Exifs : Canon EOS 30D; Speed:1/500 sec; Aperture:f 4.5; Flash: Not Fired; Focal:19 mm; ISO:100
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Jan 20
The vietnam war memorial is a soul stirring place in Washington. Along with the famous black wall with the 50000+ names, there is also several bronze statues standing in the area under the trees. The detail level of the statue is quite high as you can see here (check out the belt of rounds around the guy on the left). A good piece of work.

This photo is a normal exposure blended with 2 HDRs. The picture was taken from the ground, the camera standing on a tiny GorillaPod in order to keep it balanced. I spend quite some time in photoshop to fine tune the cloudy sky on the upper right. It was clipped on the normal exposure, greyish with halos on HDrs, so I blended all photos and painted through to give it a more natural feeling ... uhh that is my hope at least. Do HDRs render natural feeling shots, I don't think so

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