Sun rays
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Sun rays
Exifs : Canon EOS 30D; Speed:1/500 sec; Aperture:f 10; Flash: Not Fired; Focal:19 mm; ISO:100
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Nov 24
The easiest way to cross the älv river is using the city ferry. Within 5 minutes you go from the city center, pass by the harbour and reach Lindholmen the new IT companies center.
I like to use ferries, it is far much nicer than any subways and you can take cool pictures.
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  • Is this HDR? It has big halos along the cranes and the foreground is really soft. It's a shame because the scene is beautiful, especially with those light beams.
    Alexandre @ Nov
  • No it is not HDR.
    I have piled several layers in "multiply" mode to strenghten the sky. Halos around the cranes are a consequence of that treatment.
    I will try an alternative development with lightroom to avoid the noise in the sky and have maybe a sharper foreground.
    GimmeMore @ Dec
  • i like it very much
    giovanni @ Nov

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