The Great Patriotic Ironman
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The Great Patriotic Ironman
Exifs : Canon EOS 5D; Speed:1/800 sec; Aperture:f 5; Flash: Not Fired; Focal:144 mm; ISO:250
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Mar 25
The statue of Yuri Gagarin on Gagarin Square, Moscow.

On my way inside Moscow after a day trip in the West of Moscow, my taxi pass near this amazing piece of art. The statue is 13m tall and stands on a column 30m tall. A red light gave me just a glimpse to take the frame through the windshield.
I was quite excited when I realized that the monument was dedicated to the first cosmonaut in outer space. Back then in the 60s, Yuri and is US counterparts were real superheros.
During my childhood, I read stories of most their flights and I wondered how brave these guys were to put their life at risk. They seated in tiny spacecrafts on the top of a very unreliable missile-like rockets at that time (well, today's rocketry might not be super-safe either...hum). Then, First cosmonauts were waiting to be fired in the deep black space... Scary and truly impressive.

I have no idea who made the statue and when it was raised but it was a good surprise to see it in the middle of some endless Moscow traffic jam.

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