Over the Sea
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Over the Sea
Exifs : Canon EOS 30D; Speed:1/400 sec; Aperture:f 7.1; Flash: Not Fired; Focal:62 mm; ISO:125
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Aug 20
On the way to the ferry pier to Öckero there is a nice view on the archipelago outside Göteborg. I took a few pictures of the sailing boats there. I took also some pictures of the small lighthouse protecting the coast. Some further photopping to do and I will post it there. See you.
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  • +1
    vita @ Aug
  • Great composition and colours. It's hard to tell at this resolution, but I think it could use some more sharpening. Also, the cloud on the top left corner looks a bit too much like a dustspot, which attracts my eye there. Quite unfortunate.
    Alexandre @ Sep
  • Thanks for comments.
    I am not so used with the shapness filter so I usually add a highpassed copy of the background blended in vivid light. You can adjust it quite well, then maybe the depth of sharpness is not so high as the filter tool. Clouds are real clouds (just bought that bloody expensise sensorswabs cleaners..). I added a bit of contrast on the clouds but it may be a bit overdone.
    GimmeMorePhotos @ Sep

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