In the taylor shop
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In the taylor shop
Exifs : Canon EOS 5D; Speed:1/200 sec; Aperture:f 2.5; Flash: Not Fired; Focal:50 mm; ISO:1000
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Nov 16
A taylor preparing parts of a suit in the bazaar of Bursa, Turkey.

I found a pretty nice taylor in the city. Bahattin Terzi is really good at making bespoke business suits. The nice thing is to go to the textile shop first in order to select the wool you would like and then bring the textile to Bahattin. He will take your measurement and then prepare the suit, then 1 week later you will meet him for a test with the unfinished suit. It is a so exclusive feeling...

Bursa is famous for its textile factories so you can find some amazing textiles here for really good prices.
Also The shop next door to Bahattin is hand making shirts. So within a few meters you can have a whole taylor made clothes made with superb materials. I will surely miss that back to France.

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