Shoe shine please !
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Shoe shine please !
Exifs : Canon EOS 5D; Speed:1/160 sec; Aperture:f 4.5; Flash: Not Fired; Focal:50 mm; ISO:800
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Feb 18
A shoe shine booth in the center of Bursa, Turkey.

This guy has a wonderful work bench, I think it is a great piece of art...

Now I found a good way to catch people's attention when street shooting : just take a burst of photos. The canon 5D camera I use makes a nice but loud noise when taking a frame. So shooting a long burst just make people looking at the camera after few shots.
Here is a good example and therefore I added stamped of all frames I took of this scene. You can see that the customer paid attention to me from frame 1 but it is only on Frame 5 that the shoe shine looked at the camera. He wanted probably to see what made this strange noise in front of him.

until next time...
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