Under the roof
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Under the roof
Exifs : N/A; Speed:0 sec; Aperture:f 3.2; Flash: Fired; Focal:17 mm; ISO:500
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Nov 29
Inside Sultanhammet mosque in the old part of Istanbul.

A magical place, quiet, with devotion, where you can walk bare feet on thick carpet with a whirling crowd of tourists. Really nice.

Behind the shot : The camera was handheld on the ground...hmm on the thick carpet i mean. I used bracketing mode and took several sets as many people were passing in this place. The Post treatment was done in Lightroom for each of the pic. Then I used photomatix to make HDRs. At last I merged several HDRs in Cs3 to have less people in the frame and a quieter atmosphere. Next the sharpness is OK in the center, it was quite bad on edges. So I added some light painting layers to simulate the light rays and take the blur edge out of attention. Hope it works.

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  • Very nice light inside this building i also love the low angle! outstanding no other words.
    paolo @ Dec
  • Bienvenue en Turquie! :-) Je viens de découvrir votre blog par l’intermédiaire de Photo Community. Cette photo reflète très bien l’ambiance à l’intérieur de la Mosquée de Sultan Ahmet. En tant que photographe débutante qui n’utilise pour le moment que Picasa 3, j’apprends aussi de vos explications techniques sur le “post treatment”. Je vous souhaite un bon séjour dans mon pays qui, je suis sûre, ne vous décevra pas comme photographe. Amitiés,
    Müge @ Dec

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