In the space station
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In the space station
Exifs : Canon EOS 30D; Speed:1/160 sec; Aperture:f 4.5; Flash: Not Fired; Focal:25 mm; ISO:100
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Nov 23
A pic that can be part of a serie with "Closer to space".
I used to rent a shurgard box when we were in goteborg to store various stuffs. And once on my way to drop or get things from the place I brought camera, tripod and flashes to have a bit of fun. Fortunately it was quiet that day and no one was in the building. I do not think I would have done these silly shots either. Anyway it was fun and a good way to keep warm in this bloody cold storage building.

Shot details : camera on tripod with self timer (you can't imagine how many missed shot I did before to get this one...) lot of flashs everywhere all triggered optically and I would not recommend it. Buy cheap ebay trigger instead, light cells and slave position on flashs just lead to many misfires in this kind of setup.
Postprocessed with Lightroom and CS3. Colour desaturation through a gradient layer and that's all.

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  • really a coooooool effect !
    also the angle resemble a real space shooting. i understand you did a lot of jumps, the amazing thing is that you look (anyway) relaxed like a real spaceman!
    paolo @ Nov

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