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Exifs : Canon EOS 5D; Speed:1/200 sec; Aperture:f 2.5; Flash: Not Fired; Focal:50 mm; ISO:640
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Oct 26
The bazar in the city center is a wonderful place to take pictures. Here is one of the first street portrait that I have ever shot. This gentleman was selling trousers and we had a nice time communicating (hardly !!) together. I use mainly the 50mm lens on the 5D (as I do not have any other suitable lens for the time being) and even if this prime lens gives a good help in poor light conditions, the DOF is very short combined with the 5D's full frame. So short that it is pretty hard to get a good frame and a satisfying sharpness at the same time.
But at the end the quality of the pics from the combined gear is just amazing.

Some additional word about the posprocessing of this shot. I worked with Cs3 and I used some techniques developped in creating-that-dave-hill-look. The main idea is to work with a strong Unsharp filter. I also digged in the (a bit messy nowaday) FlickR eponym thread to fine tune part of the technique. Eventually, I added an additional dodge/burn layer to soften the effect on the gentleman's face and I then add a light painting later to darken part of the background and add a bit of vignetting.
I hope the output is not overdone.

see you...
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  • The output is not overdone, but fits the scene.
    This is a good candid portrait
    Framed and Shot @ Nov

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